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About Trucking Accident Physical Injuries

Florida Trucking Accident Lawyer, Dean Burnetti provides professional Trucking Accident and Injury Attorney legal services in Lakeland, Tampa, Sarasota, Ocala, and Central and West Central Florida.

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Dean Burnetti, Esq.

Other than the mental duress that accompanies victims of a trucking accident, physical injuries can range from scrapes and bruises to death.  The types of physical injuries from trucking accidents are broadly known as soft tissue injuries, impact injuries, penetration injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. 

Soft Tissue Injuries
Soft tissue injuries involve damage to the body’s connective tissue, including muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Soft tissue injuries occur along part of the spine, including the upper back and neck, which is commonly referred to as “whiplash.”  Soft tissue injuries occur when muscles and ligaments are stretched as the body is thrust forward upon impact and quickly returns backward as the vehicle comes to rest. 

Soft tissue injuries also include sprains or strains to other parts of the body such as to the wrists when the person’s arms fly up after an airbag deploys. 

Just because soft tissue injuries don’t involve broken bones or bloody flesh wounds does not mean that they are minimal injuries.  Soft tissue injuries can take days, weeks, or months to heal, and can even cause permanent damage.

Impact Injuries
Impact injuries occur when a person’s body part hits the interior of their vehicle, and can occur on any part of the body.  Even if someone is wearing their seatbelt, the speed of the vehicles upon impact can cause the car’s exterior and frame to crumple and impact the people inside, especially when a semi-truck is involved.  These injuries also occur when an airbag deploys and causes a body part to strike part of the vehicle.

Impact injuries can include chest injuries (contusions, bruises, broken ribs), internal injuries (collapsed lungs, bruised organs, damaged organs, temporary vocal cord paralysis), arm or leg injuries (contusions, bruises, broken bones), back injuries, (damage to the spinal cord, nerve damage, herniated disks, paralysis).

Penetration Injuries
Penetration injuries range from cuts and scrapes which may require stitches, to organ or internal damage from deep penetration which can result in loss of blood and/or the need for emergency surgery.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
Traumatic brain injuries can cause fluid and tissue inside the skull to be damaged after an impact to the head.  Traumatic brain injuries can range from concussions to loss of consciousness, temporary or permanent loss of memory, permanent brain damage, a comatose state, a vegetative state, partial or total paralysis, hearing loss, vision loss, or death.

Complications that can arise from traumatic brain injuries include frequent seizures, hydrocephalus (fluid buildup in the brain), meningitis (infection of the layers of protective tissues that surround the brain), blood vessel damage which could lead to a stroke, blood clots, vertigo, frequent headaches, or cranial nerve damage. 

If the cranial nerve is damaged, the victim may experience paralysis of the facial muscles, loss or altered sense of smell / taste, loss of vision / double vision, difficulty swallowing, persistent dizziness, ringing in the ears and/or hearing loss, and intellectual problems.

Victims of traumatic brain injuries often experience changes in their cognitive skills such as problems with their memory, ability to learn, reasoning skills, judgment, attention span / ability to concentrate, ability to problem-solve / multi-task / stay organized, ability to plan ahead, decision-making skills, and ability to begin or complete basic tasks. 

No matter how you were injured in a trucking accident, Dean Burnetti Law can help you get the justice you deserve.  Call Dean Burnetti Law at 863-287-6388 (Polk County) or 813-287-6388 (Hillsborough County) today to schedule your free consultation.

Call 863.287.6388 or 813.287.6388 today to schedule your free and confidential Trucking Accident Injury Legal Consultation with Central Florida Lawyer, Dean Burnetti.

Dean Burnetti, Esq

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